I'll give you true, unfiltered, confidential feedback on just about anything for $99.

How it Works

Have you ever wondered what people really think but been afraid to ask? I will spend up to an hour with you and provide true, unfiltered feedback on just about anything.

Tell me about a problem, practice a presentation, roleplay a conversation, show me a project, or ask me to listen to an interaction between you and someone else.

For $99 I will spend an hour with you via video conference or phone, share my unfiltered feedback on whatever you request, and answer any questions.

Everything we discuss will be kept confidential and our identities can remain as private as you like (we don't even need to share our real names).

I'm a 34-year-old startup CEO in California who is taking time off and doing this as a side project. I'm not a therapist and this is not for people seeking professional help.

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Please share your name (doesn't have to be your real name), email, and what you'd like feedback on. I'll follow up and we can schedule a time.

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